GreatWall International Cancer  Center
Breast Cancer - Ms Zhao   

Hospital: Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center

Name: Ms Zhao
Age: 65
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer, advanced stage, with metastases to both armpits, both lungs and

Before Treatment: Three years ago, the patient was diagnosed as invasive carcinoma and
medullary carcinoma with metastases to 5/8 axillary lymph nodes. The patient accepted
modified radical mastectomy followed by 6 cycles of TEC chemotherapy of taxol, epirubicin and
cyclophosphamide. Nine months ago, painful lump were noticed under both armpits with
ulcerations and exudates in the left armpit. Cancer metastases were diagnosed by biopsy to
both armpits, both lungs and liver after mastectomy in left breast.

Treatment: In Feb. 2007.  Cryoablation and CIK immunotherapy

After the treatment: Pain disappeared and ulcerations healed