GreatWall International Cancer Center
Colon Cancer - Liver Metastasis

Hospital: Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center

Patient Country: Holland

Sex: Female

Age: 70+ years

Diagnosis: Patient complained of metastatic colon cancer in liver and abdominal cavity plus
abdominal pain with 3 months of survival expected by her Dutch doctor after surgical
exploration of abdominal cavity.

Therapy: In July 2006, Combination of gene therapy, antiangiogenesis therapy, cancer stem
cell targeting, mild chemotherapy, CIK-DC immunotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine

Results: One month after treatment, patient's abdominal pain disappeared and serum CEA
levels significantly dropped. Two months after the treatment, the liver metastases and all
symptoms disappeared with the CEA level dropping to normal. Sixteen months after our
treatment the patient is still well.
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