GreatWall International Cancer Center
Lung Adenocarcinoma - Mr Duan  

Hospital: Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center

Name: Mr. Duan
Gender: Male
Age: 62
Nationality: Chinese

Diagnosis: This patient suffered from constant coughing when he arrived at the hospital in
February 2005. The patient was diagnosed with primary adenocarcinoma in lower right lung,
with a tumor size of 5 cm, advanced stage IV, and small nodules in both lungs with a large
number of malignant pleural fluid and metastasis to left thighbone (Fig 1). The doctor in other
hospital expected a survival period of three months.
                            Fig 1.: In February 2005, prior to treatment. The primary adenocarcinoma is in the lower         
                             right lung, with a tumor size of ~ 5cm.This is stage IV, with nodules in both lungs,                    
                             malignant pleural fluid, and metastasis to the left thighbone.  

Treatment: At the end of February 2005, the primary adenocarcinoma in the lower right lung
was removed with Cryoablation ,Gene therapy. Chemotherapy were taken to control the
malignant pleural fluid and small nodules in both lungs and radiotherapy was applied to
control metastasis in the left thighbone. In April 2006, the patient received CIK-DC
immunotherapy and took Iressa.

Post-therapy status: When reexamined on July 18th 2007, the primary lesion had
disappeared completely, the small nodules in both lungs also disappeared, and only a small
amount of pleural fluid was detected. The patient's Weight was restored to normal levels
prior to the onset of cancer. The patient felt healthy and normal
                       Fig 2.: Tumor reexamined in July, 2007. No trace of tumor and                                
                                 malignant pleural fluid significantly decreased.  

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