GreatWall International Cancer Center
Patient Country: USA

Sex: Male

Age: 56

Diganosis: Pancreatic with liver metastasis.

Treatment in USA: Surgery with 4 rounds of chemotherapy before March, 2008 and couldn't
control the disease.  He felt that the treatment was too painful.

Treatment in Beijin GreatWall International Cancer Center: Combination treatment of gene
therapy, anti angiogenesis, CIK cell immunotherapy for two months and a half. He felt that
the treatment was little pain and comfortable. "It's worth". The tumor in liver shrank about
50% after one month of treatment, and he is very happy that he has had complete tumor
regression after 2 months and a half of treatment and he has been cured.
Updated on 8/29/2008
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Hospital: Beijing Great Wall International Cancer Center

Patient Country: Australia

Sex: Female

Age: 60 years

Diagnosis: Patient had pancreatic cancer with liver metasteses

Treatment: In Sep, 2006. Combination of gene therapy, antiangiogenesis therapy, cancer
stem cell targeting, HIFU knife and traditional Chinese medicine. The patient had been a
nurse in both Britain and Australia. She refused to take chemotherapy seeking for our little
pain and little side effect treatment.

Results: After 2 months of treatment, the pancreatic cancer shrank and liver metastasis