GreatWall International Cancer Center
Qi Niu,          M.D., Post Doctoral Fellow, Professor of Medicine,               
                     Physician Chief of BGWICC

Dr. Niu was a post doctoral fellow of Harvard Medical School &
Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, US. He worked for Massachusetts
General Hospital and Harvard Hospital too. Before that, he worked for 5
top universities hospitals in China. Then he leads his medical team to
specialize in international patients, most of whom are from Northern
America and Europe by combination treatment of gene therapy,
antiangiogenesis therapy, HIFU ablation therapy, targeted cryoablation
therapy, gentle chemotherapy, cancer stemcell targeting therapy, et al..
Dr.Niu also has made big successes with his innovative approaches
targeting at cancer stem cells in improving the treatment effects of
pancreas, breast, and colorectal cancer patients.
Yunhua Bao,      Professor of Medicine, Director of Medicine Oncology
                         Senior Hospital Advisor

Dr. Bao has clinical experiences in treating various commonly seen
cancers for more than 40 years. He is a current consultant oncologist
for top leaders of Chinese Central Government. He is especially
experienced in the combination treatment of lung cancer.
Jingzhi Guan      MD, Senior Attending Doctor,
 Director of Breast Oncology

Dr. Guan received her MD degree in Japan. Her clinical practice
focuses on the reversal of chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer
treatment. She is very experienced in diagnosis and treatment of
breast cancer, especially in the field of breast cancer hormonal therapy.
Jin Lei,         Associate Professor of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  Director of Integrative Therapy

Dr. Lei has more than 20 years of experiences in treating cancer with
Chinese traditional medicine practice especially in relieving the side
effects of chemotherapy.
Guokun Ao,    Director and Professor of Hematology & Oncology          

Dr. Ao has 20 years experiences in radiology and interventional
oncology including working experiences in Freiburg University School
of Medicine in Germany. His clinical interest is in interventional
treatment of liver, lung, kidney, and colorectal cancer.
Resume of Qi Niu

Visiting Doctor, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard
Medical School, 2004/Post-doctoral fellow, BIDMC and  Harvard Medical
School,  2001-2004 /Post-doctoral fellow, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer
Center, 2000-2001/Resident Doctor of 5 top universities hospitals in
Anhui, Shanghai, Beijin since 1993 - now/ Professor and Director of
International Hospital, China, 2005-now
Dr. Peng, Zhaohui      Founder & CEO of SiBiono Inc.
     Inventor of Gendicine

Dr. Peng, the 55 years old founder of gene therapy has been a
doctor for over 30 years. He has studied gene therapy for his Ph. D.
and post doctoral program in Japan and UCLA(University of California
in Los Angeles, US) Medical School since late 1980s. He worked for
multiple big and startup pharmacetical factories in the US in the mid
1990s. He launched SiBiono in 1998, the world first company
producing  gene therapy drug, 3-4 folds more efficacy combined with
other  therapies than any other drugs in the world for late stage
cancers.  The US Business Week has called him  “ The Father of
Gene Therapy of China.” He said: “ Without working, China legged  
behind. With hard working and persistence, plus the easy policy  and
grant support by the government, this field in China has  become the
leader of the world.
Our mission has two parts:

To give the best care possible and prolong the lives of our patients as long as possible
To conduct ground breaking research utilizing clinical trials

Here at BGWICC, we make patient care and cancer survivorship our number one priority.
Meeting the physical needs of our patients and ensuring their comfort and security is our
daily goal. To achieve this goal, we have hired only the best and most qualified staff to
maintain the hospital environment. Our hospital has physicians from 6 direct affiliate
hospitals to join our treatment team. Our direct affiliate hospitals take patients and referrals
from 775 hospitals in the major cities of China. BGWICC takes international patients from
every country and the referrals from the affiliate hospitals of Europe and Northern America.
Very often, we hire famous western physicians to join our treatment team.
Dr. Wendy Tsai          Doctor of  Education, Senior Academic Researcher
                                 Special Hospital Representative &
 Online Patient Coordination

Dr. Wendy Tsai worked for UN and  3 countries universities including
US. She is also a pioneer coordinator for US and western countries'
corporations with China between 1985-1991. She grew up and lives in a
family with educators and doctors. Her cousin was under Nobel Prize
winner for his post doctoral study in gene therapy in Germany and
works for US FDA as a senior officer.  She has another uncle whose
family has 9 medical doctors in CA, US(Uncle, 4 cousins and each
spouse of them are all medical doctors). She has a father who is a  
senior democrat of China  coordinating between the faculty chairs,
presidents of the hospitals and  the government for the fund, medical
science support and professional alliance.