GreatWall International Cancer Center

GreatWall International Cancer Treatment Center has joint efforts of the best doctors
from US Harvard Hospital, Japan, Germany and China, all of whom have over 15-40 years
of experiences, to serve international patients. This whole hospital has 740,000 square
meters, 46 departments, 1,200 inpatients beds, 50 years of development. It is a designated
hospital for 2008 Beijin Olympic Games, located in a very beautiful place.

The hospital provide the treatments for the advanced-cancer patients include: gene
therapy, immunotherapy, cancer stem cells targeting treatment, a powerful
anti-angiogenesis drug (Endostar), mild chemotherapy, HIFU non-invasive or Croysurgery
minimal invasive surgery and traditional Chinese medicine.  These technologies are very
effective for all conditions advanced cancers with little pain and no side effect.   More than
4,500 patients have been treated and followed up for 6 years since 2003 till now. It is safe
and efficient. GreatWall International Cancer Treatment Center is the leading hospital in the
world doing the gene therapy and combined therapy, which is not available yet in western
Biotherapy Laboratory

BGWICC has an independent high standard biotherapy lab.
The Lab covers an area of 300 m2. It is proved by, that the
biotherapy lab has met GMP standard for cells culture lab,
with a general standard for class 1,000 (ISO 7) and local
standard for class 100 (ISO 5).There is a well-educated
team working in the well-equipped Biotherapy Lab. All have
Bachelor degrees or above, including two Ph. Ds and four
Masters. Biotherapy Lab is equipped with the newest
generation of blood cell separators (CAMBRO), CO2
incubators (SANYO), inverted microscope and
biomicroscope (OLYPUS), tabletop centrifuges (KUBOTA),
SW-CJ super clean benches, -80 ℃ freezer (HAIER) etc. At
the meantime, there is strict quality control that meets the
national requirements to ensure that our products are safe
and effective for human use.

At present the main function of the Biotherapy Lab is to
culture immune cells for research and clinical purposes.
CIK/CIK-DC cells immunotherapy is now available in the
Biotherapy Lab.
More information about the Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center (BGWICC)

BGWICC is recognized as the leading cancer center in China for the utilization of gene
therapies for treatment and has a dedicated team of professionals who place equal emphasis
both on cutting-edge research and compassionate care. They do innovative research, cancer
screening, cancer prevention, and give individualized integrated treatments to advanced
cancer patients.  

Our mission has two parts:

To give the best care possible and prolong the lives of our patients as long as possible

To conduct groundbreaking research utilizing clinical trials

Here at BGWICC, we make patient care and cancer survivorship our number one priority.
Meeting the physical needs of our patients and ensuring their comfort and security is our daily
goal. To achieve this goal, we have hired only the best and most qualified staff to maintain the
hospital environment.