GreatWall International Cancer Center

P53 Gene Therapy, Endostar
with Immunotherapy,  Chemotherapy &
Others up to 93% Efficacy for Terminal
Cancers---Cancer Cure!

P53 gene therapy with combination therapy is 3 times
more effective than any method available alone in the
world up to
93% efficacy for  no cure cancers --- brain
cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, cervical
cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, lung
cancer, lymphoma cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic
cancer, stomach cancer, tongue cancer, thyroid
cancer, prostate cancer and others

64% out of 135 late stage conditions' patients showed
complete regression of tumors after 2 months of
treatment, 29% experienced partial regression. The
astonishing 93% efficacy- the highest effective result in
the whole world for the advanced cancer patients, not
available in Europe and US yet, is now offered by
GreatWall International Cancer Center, a designated
hospital for 2008 Olympic Games, Beijin, China.
(This data
were released for Biopharm International 2004.) This leading
hospital is the 1st licenced hospital in the whole world  who has
used gene therapy to successfully cure advanced cancer
patients, many of whom are from Turky, Germany, US, Canada,
Singapore, Britain, Holland and other countries. Over 4,500 all
conditions' patients including late stage and no cure by
traditional methods have been treated and proved this efficacy
by this leading center and its 24 trained hospitals during 2004
and 2005.

Combination therapy include anti-angiogenic drugs, cancer
stem cell targeting biological agents, HIFU treatment, TACE,
cryosurgery, immunotherapy, radiation, gentle chemo and
traditional Chinese medicine (often administered in conjunction
with conventional treatments such as chemotherapy to smooth
side effects).

Many advanced cancer patients are looking for life-saving
treatments that are low-risk, efficient, and have much reduced
side-effects. Often, the facilities and resources that provide
such treatments are not available in the patients' own countries
and the patients are told that their cancers are “incurable.” This
is not  the case by our hospital.   
See our doctors' work.

All conditions are considered.

Send your enquiry please.
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